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In 2021, the wearable of medical-grade sleep devices

Invested in life, immersed in dreams.

During the day, we accumulate a lot of information "clay" on the cerebral cortex.
The next step of the brain is to roughly shape these sculpture materials.

Dig out unnecessary parts and keep only the most significant memory content.
Subsequently, the brain strengthens and modifies these contents.

Therefore, studying in sleep is not empty talk.

(From: Matthew Walker-American sleep science expert, now professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, former professor of Harvard Medical School)

Accurate, sleep instrument technology used in hospitals

Using polysomnography technology used in hospitals, it analyzes important indicators in the sleep process such as brain electricity, heart rate, blood oxygen, and body movement, and integrates multi-modal biological signals to provide users with accurate sleep detection and management solutions.

Deep sleep requires more attention

Real-time regulation of nerves through rhythmic sound waves such as pink noise and white noise to optimize the length of deep sleep. Sleep is important, and deep sleep is more important.

Weighing only 38 grams, it is comfortable and light; using soft dry electrodes, fast connection, you can perform sleep detection.

38g, super small EEG instrument

Peace of mind and comfort national quality inspection standards

The surface layer of the material is made of medical-grade patches, and the use of certified bio-adhesives is more secure; the details are rigorous, and technology and beauty are equally important.


Charging case

Rechargeable lithium battery

Medical sleep patch

With MA, ilac-MRA, CNAS testing standards, medical device biology: irritation and skin sensitization test GB/T16886-10:2005 test report.

Product parameter




battery capacity

9-10 hours

length of work



SleepUp APP

SleepUp adopts the world's leading precision EEG monitoring technology and integrates multi-modal biological signals. After nearly a hundred times of labeling by hospitals, doctors and sleep technicians, the polysomnography is signal proofed all night, and supported by machine learning algorithms, it provides users with accurate sleep management solutions. Show you quantified sleep daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and you can keep track of your sleep status at any time. Scientific sleep starts from SleepUp.

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