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BCI Smart Safety Helmet

Brain-computer interface helps construction safety technology innovation


The brain-computer smart helmet is a new type of smart terminal device that integrates a brain-computer interface on a traditional helmet or smart helmet. While completing safety protection, monitor people's mental insecurity and physiological conditions, carry out real-time safety warnings, and improve safety management techniques.

BCI Wisdom Empowers Security


Breaking through the conventional means of safety early warning

Mental state monitoring based on brain-computer interface technology: mental fatigue, loss of concentration, syncope, fear of heights...

Brain physiological monitoring based on near-infrared sensing technology: cerebral blood oxygen, heart rate and pulse, blood pressure...


Core function

Monitoring and early warning module function

Mental insecurity monitoring and early warning (fatigue, concentration, dizziness, fear of heights, etc.)

Human brain physiological index monitoring and early warning (hypoxia, insufficient blood supply, pulse disturbance, poisoning, syncope, etc.)

Emergency management module funcation

GPS/Beidou satellite dual-mode positioning

Emergency control data monitoring platform&App

Audio and video interaction

SOS alarm

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