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Brain-computer interface platform

The general brain-computer interface technology service platform jointly led by Naolu Technology and Tsinghua University is a brain-computer interface technology platform for scientific and technological research teams and brain science application enthusiasts.

The Open BrainUp brain-computer technology platform provides a variety of self-developed non-invasive portable brain-computer interface devices, including BrainUp Pocket, BrainUp Faster, BrainUp Med, BrainUp Pro, BrianUp Omega, BrainUp Alfa, BrainUp Dreamer, BrainUp Writer, BrainUp Speaker, etc. A variety of high-performance portable brain-computer interface devices with different channel numbers, different sampling frequencies, and different standby durations are guaranteed to support various brain-computer interaction research and development tasks with different performance and scenario requirements. The platform supports a variety of brain-computer interface devices with different performance designs, such as 6-channel BrainUp Pocket, (sampling rate 200hz, CMRR>100db), 8-channel BrianUp Faster, (sampling rate 250hz, CMRR>120db), 10 channels BrainUp Med (CMRR>90dB, sampling rate 250hz), 16-channel BrainUp Pro (sampling rate 20000hz, CMRR>120db), 64-channel BrainUp Omega (sampling rate 50000HZ, CMRR>120db), the follow-up will be expanded to introduce different Brain-computer interface devices of different models and functional purposes will gradually support other brain-computer devices of different models and manufacturers. At the same time, the platform is equipped with a professional data management platform service, which provides a one-stop solution for the entire brain-computer interaction application process from brain-computer interface device selection, to interactive task definition, to interactive data collection. Users can collect data sets based on their own defined interactive tasks, and perform model training and deployment based on their own data sets, and directly develop and define brain-computer control applications.

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