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Senior Operation and Maintenance Engineer




full time


Medical and health business group

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the construction and operation and maintenance of the company's data platform, as well as threat detection and emergency response related to data security.

  • Responsible for the development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of the application deployment system, environment configuration system, and monitoring system, and build a high-performance operation and maintenance platform.

  • Responsible for the preparation of relevant documents of the application system, operation and maintenance information statistics, etc.

  • Participate in the analysis and evaluation of the company's network security status, and track the development trends of network security related technologies and industries.

job requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in clinical medicine, biomedical engineering is preferred

  • More than 3 years of clinical trial project management experience, fully responsible for the clinical trial process of domestic medical device three products, familiar with China's NMPA medical device GCP regulations, medical device GCP certificate, AI medical related clinical trial project experience is preferred

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