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Senior Operation and Maintenance Engineer




full time


Smart Security Division

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the construction and operation and maintenance of the company's data platform, as well as threat detection and emergency response related to data security.

  • Responsible for the development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of the application deployment system, environment configuration system, and monitoring system, and build a high-performance operation and maintenance platform.

  • Responsible for the preparation of relevant documents of the application system, operation and maintenance information statistics, etc.

  • Participate in the analysis and evaluation of the company's network security status, and track the development trends of network security related technologies and industries.

job requirements

  • Have relevant project experience: (for engineering) software management platform and (for engineering) software management platform terminal mobile phone APP development project

  • Have excellent demand research ability. Ability to communicate with customers, be able to understand and analyze needs, design and define products

  • Have a thirst for knowledge, have strong learning ability, and be able to quickly learn and understand specific use scenarios of subdivided majors

  • Possess good team communication skills. Collaboration skills, can communicate effectively with software engineers. Quickly communicate; can write communication documents independently. Requirements definition documents. Software design documents

  • Able to support the work of front-end and back-end engineers, with product testing skills and experience

  • In the project phase, be able to keenly discover problems and give positive solutions

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