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Portable dry electrode EEG machine


The Neuralbit portable dry electrode EEG machine is a professional medical equipment and equipment based on the world's leading non-invasive brain-computer interface technology and positioned in cognitive neuroscience research and clinical medical analysis and diagnosis. The brain-computer interface system based on medical-grade dry electrodes greatly improves the user experience, combined with the original artificial intelligence mental health screening EEG analysis model, which can be used for routine and dynamic EEG monitoring, brain health index detection and mental health risk screening And other functions.

Complete coverage of the brain area-8/16 channel EEG signal acquisition can be achieved, complete coverage of the frontal lobe, prefrontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, central midline, occipital midline and multiple brain areas.


Convenient use experience-dry electrodes do not need to apply conductive paste or saline, automatically detect the quality of the collected data signal, wireless transmission, flexible configuration of multiple collection paradigms.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis and Screening System-Continuous cooperation with neuropsychiatric departments of many authoritative hospitals, model training based on high-quality data cross-labeled by authoritative gold standards, for depression, mild cognitive impairment, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, self Diagnosis of psychiatric diseases such as autism, providing quantitative analysis results with clinical reference value.

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